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Gog.com Not Really Closing Down

Those nice folks at Good Old Games.com collectively yanked our chains over the weekend.  Their website was shut down, replaced with a tearful farewell stating that the company couldn’t continue in its current form, yet offering assurances that customers would be able to download recently-purchased items.  Now its clear that it was all a lie!  A horrible, horrible lie, and Gog.com will be back in business this week.

Astute Gog customers might have noticed that Gog.com was technically in its beta form for the last two years, so they were not actually lying (In the strictest sense of the word) when they said the company wouldn’t continue in its current version; they were just perpetrating an unscrupulous publicity stunt/ cruel hoax to announce that they are out of beta, and promote the new website which will open on Thursday the 23rd with a new format and larger selection of games. 

Among the new games will Hasbro’s stable, including the first title in the Baldur’s Gate franchise, along with its expansion pack Tales of the Sword Coast which will sell together for $9.99.  A good deal on this old gem from Bioware just might be enough to earn forgiveness for such a nasty prank (Give us a Baldur’s Gate II deal and all will be forgiven, Gog).

The website currently hosts links to videos offering an explanation, and an apology for jerking us all around like this.


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