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Gog.com Rewarding Beta Users With Free Game, Holding Mid-Week Sale

An update to our Mid-Week sales roundup, Good Old Games (Gog.com) has spent the last month trying to repair their image after pulling a shameless publicity stunt back in September.  Their latest ploy to regain the respect of the classic games community is giving away a free game to their long-time customers, while also holding a mid-week sale on products published by Strategy First.

If you created a Gog.com account while they were still in beta (i.e before last month) you can log in now to receive a free copy of Jagged Alliance, a tactical military strategy game from 1994, which normally goes for $6.99 on Gog   If you already own Jagged Alliance, you can get a mysterious alternative gift.

GoG customers who haven’t bought anything before now can still buy Jagged Alliance and everything else by publisher Strategy First for 30% off, or you can buy the whole catalogue as a lot of 18 games for 50% off, which comes out to $73.82 for them all.

Aside from the Jagged Alliance franchise, Strategy First also publishes the Disciples series, and some non-strategy games like Pro-Pinball, the Action RPG Sacred, and the off-road racer Flatout.  This sale runs through Friday.


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