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GOG Galaxy Launches Today

"Good Old Games Makes It's Steam Like Client Available to All"
GOG Galaxy banner
GOG Galaxy is going public today. For the last few months the service has been in closed alpha, now anyone can signup and download GOG Galaxy.
GOG Galaxy is a Steam like service that allows users to buy games, create a friends list, keep games updated, earn and unlock achievements and more. Players will also be able to play online multiplayer with other players who are on Steam.
A nice feature GOG Galaxy has is the ability to opt out of updates or even rollback to the previous version of game if the latest update breaks the game or change it in a way that players don't like. Also, as with GOG.com there is no DRM and the service itself is entirely optional.
Steam is great, but I'm glad to see more diverse options in PC gaming. Steam having a monopoly on PC gaming is not a good thing for anyone. Hopefully GOG Galaxy works well, I expect it will as GOG has a pretty great track record.  You can download GOG Galaxy right now from GOG.com.


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