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GoldenEye Reloaded Announced

Activision announced that GoldenEye Reloaded will be coming to the PS3 and 360. The game is a full overhaul to the Wii GoldenEye, and will feature a brand new game engine giving it an HD makeover. The game will offer all that was in the Wii version, but on the PS3 version it will retain the motion control option using the Move. It will also include a new mode called "Mi6 Ops Missions" where you can replay missions from the campaign under new requirements (i.e. Stealth, Assault, Defense, and Elimination). As far as multiplayer goes, it will offer up to 16-player online co-op, and the 4-player split screen (of course).

While it would be nice to play the old GoldenEye we all remember on the N64, this is easily more likely. It's nice to see that a lot of the little games that the Wii had that were appealing, such as GoldenEye, NBA Jam, and the soon-to-be-released No More Heroes: Paradise, are being released on other consoles. Hopefully it's a future trend we can see, but for now I'm personally happy to be playing GoldenEye in HD (with online multiplayer). Expect Her Majesty's call when GoldenEye Reloaded is released this fall.


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