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A Few Good Men Coming to NBC?

14-tom-cruise-a-few-good-men Someone needs to stop NBC. We all had our fun when they doled out the live performance of The Sound of Music in 2013. We cringed along as Carrie Underwood overacted her way out of Nazi occupied Austria and had fun making fun of the admittedly daring and impressively capable endeavor. The television event garnered impressive ratings compelling the network to produce even more live musical extravaganzas. The soon to come Peter Pan Live! featuring Alison Williams and Christopher Walken (You know you’re tuning in for that. The Walken weirdness alone warrants your full, undivided attention) which will air on December 4 and a broadcast version of The Music Man to follow that. Now the network along with Sound of Music and Peter Pan Live! producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan have their eyes set on producing a live staging of Aaron Sorkin’s courtroom play, A Few Good Men. Is this necessary? Should we be looking forward to this? NBC has upped its game with the casting of Peter Pan Live! and the production team is sure to learn from the mistakes of the first live event, so these telecasts could transform into quality entertainment that could attract top performers and talent. Who knows? We’ll see how Peter Pan and The Music Man bode for the network, perhaps the novelty has worn off for some viewers. However the risk of doing live television might be enough to keep people watching. If the upcoming musical shows are successes then there is nothing holding back NBC for expanding their live entertainment with dramatic plays. A Few Good Men has become an iconic film since its initial Broadway debut, but has been relatively out of the cultural zeitgeist for some time. Maybe it is reaching a moment to resurge. Would you watch a live staging of A Few Good Men or is NBC just out of order?        


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