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Google Celebrates Will Eisner’s 94th Birthday

If you check the Google home page today you will see the Godfather of the graphic novel's famous creation... the Spirit, gracing the page. This is in celebration of Will Eisner's 94th Birthday. Of course Mr. Eisner passed away in January of 2005, but he is quite influential in comics even to this day. The great thing about this is that the Spirit comic always spells out the Spirits name within the setting of the page, so it's very fitting to have Google spelled out the same way. I hope everyone will check out Mr. Eisner's site, where you can stop by his short biography page to learn a little something about one of the greatest comic creators to ever live. I just hope that Google doesn't crash their site. If you're interested in the Spirit then check out our coverage of First Wave and the newest volume of the Spirit from DC comics. Otherwise, Happy Birthday Mr. Eisner.


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