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Google wants to help plan your afterlife

While death is unwanted, it is inevitable. And at some point in our lives, it's smart to take a second and plan out what we want to happen once we fade away.   Google would like to lend a helping hand, because while the search engine may live on, your photos, videos, and accounts don't have to. On a post from Google's blog they have added the ability to lay down your "digital afterlife".

Google added the Inactive Account Manager, and you do not necessarily have to do die to use it. It will decided what happens to your info and mark on Google once you have had enough. Taking effect over your gmail, youtube, google+, picasa, and other google services, users have the option to decided how long it takes to count you inactive and who should be alerted.

Users can decided to be considered inactive after three, six, nine, or 12 months. Once the account is put into inactive mode, you will recieve an email or text and anyone you have chosen to be told will receive messages and data (whatever you want to send them) about your digital demise. You can also choose have all data wiped clean after inactive.

So for whatever reason you may potentially be leaving Google in the future, you should check it out in your account settings just so you have your own say. It is far from a potential good time, but at least we have a say.


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