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Goozex Free PS3 Games Special

Goozex has made this month the month of the PS3! Having many specials for members such as:

  • Free trades for all PlayStation 3 games. No $1.00 token will be required to receive any PS3 game on Goozex throughout June. Members will only need Goozex points, a virtual currency, to receive any available PS3 trade. Users can freely acquire Goozex points by trading any video game and movie on the site.
  • The top 10 PlayStation 3 traders in June will get a free PS3 game. Eligible winners will have initiated or completed in June the most PS3 trades. Winners will receive a selected newly released PS3 title.
  • Users that offer select PS3 games for trading will enter to win a weekly $60 Amazon gift card.
  • New users that join with coupon code: “PS3Player” will receive 100 bonus points and 1 free token. That’s a free game or movie on Goozex.

Sounds pretty good to me. I for one don't use Goozex, as I haven't always heard the most glowing comments about the service. Some saying their disks were pretty roughed up upon arrival. Do you use Goozex? If not, why not? Tell me in the comments below!


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