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GoPro Coming Soon to Xbox Platforms, YouTube Uploads on Xbox One Out Tomorrow

Two nice new features are coming to Xbox Platforms this week, proving once again that "dedicated gaming systems" do far more than just games these days. First up is the news of the GoPro channel coming to Xbox 360 this week for Xbox Live Gold members. The channel will feature all the latest GoPro content including extreme sports videos and other craziness relating to this cool gadget.

Adam Dornbusch, Head of Content Distribution at GoPro, has said “The GoPro Channel app will bring the best of GoPro originally-produced and user-generated content into the homes of millions of Xbox Live Gold customers. We’re excited to launch with exclusive content for early adopters of the app and stoke out the Xbox 360 community with hours of engaging and inspiring GoPro videos through the Channel.”  GoPro will launch on Xbox One later this summer.
More importantly an update to the Xbox One's YouTube app is coming tomorrow that adds the ability to use the Game DVR to record, edit and upload videos straight to your YouTube channel. This is awesome news as fans have been waiting for this feature and it now makes editing and uploading videos easier than ever before. Hopefully Sony will take note of this and add this feature to the PS4 in the near future. Though just getting a YouTube app on the console would be a nice start.


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