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Gotham Adds David Zayas

Sal_Maroni_0001 Dexter co-star David Zayas (Batista) will be making his way to Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham. Zayas will be honing his bad-guy skills playing Mob Boss Salvatore Maroni, one of Gotham's most dangerous gangsters. This is certainly a departure from his most widely known role as Batista in the aforementioned Showtime show. “In the Batman mythology, Maroni is a street operator who clawed his way into the city’s drug trade and unions. He is second only to Carmine Falcone in power and reach, and second to none in his appetite for violence. In time, Maroni will develop into one of Batman’s first enemies and become infamous as the man responsible for disfiguring DA Harvey Dent, leading to his transformation into Two-Face. But for now, as he strives to gain more territory in Gotham, he’ll find himself on a crash course with his rival Falcone (John Doman) for control of the city,” per Deadline. What do you think of this choice? Does Zayas have what it takes to take on Maroni?


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