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Gotham Casts Kristen Hager as Nora Fries

"My beloved Nora."
Gotham continues to add familiar faces to the cast. Following news that Nathan Darrow was cast as Victor Fries (known to comic book fans as Mister Freeze) and B.D. Wong had joined the series in the recurring role of Hugo Strange, Zap2it has received word that Kristen Hager will be playing Nora Fries, Victor Fries’ terminally ill wife. [caption id="attachment_76365" align="aligncenter" width="610"]Victor Fries (Mister Freeze), Nora Fries - Batman- The Animated Series (Image via dcau.wikia.com.)[/caption] “Thanks to her smarts, sincerity and a lighthearted sensibility, she’s the only person who’s managed to connect with the otherwise emotionally cold cryogenicist,” said FOX on the character. Nora Fries was one of the characters created for Batman: The Animated Series and first appeared in the critically acclaimed “Heart of Ice.” In the episode, it is revealed that Victor Fries chose to cryogenically freeze his wife while he searched for a cure to her condition, but the CEO of GothCorp’s decision to shut down the project (and him kicking Fries into a table of cryonic chemicals) drove him to become Mister Freeze. For those wondering if Gotham will retread old ground, the series looks to be adding a spin on the classic story. The character description reads: “As her condition worsens and her husband becomes more desperate to save her life, Nora must make the ultimate choice: play the willing participant in Victor’s mad plan or sacrifice herself to stop the monster inside of him.” Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Featured image via GameSpot.


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