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Gotham By Midnight Announced By DC

This week DC Comics announced a new Bat title for November called Gotham By Midtown. This will be a mystery/horror book spinning out of Batman Eternal. Jim Corrigan AKA The Spectre, recently seen in Batman Eternal, will be heading a police force called the Midnight Watch.  They will be investigating a mysterious virus spreading in Gotham. This will lead into other dark mysteries.   Ray Fawkes is currently one of the writers for Batman Eternal and will be writing this spin-off series. Ben Templesmith is no stranger to horror. He was one of the main artists for the Oni Press series Wasteland. He will be the artist for Gotham By Midnight.   GOTHAM_BY_12_1_cover_0   What do you guys think about this new DC Comics series? Are you interested in the title? Are there too many Bat related titles? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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