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Gran Turismo 6 Official for PS3

Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

In a surprising move, Gran Turismo 6 has been announced for release this fall on Playstation 3. That's right, the newest installment in Sony's long running racing sim will be exclusive to the Playstation 3, and not a next gen launch title, which was previously rumored. 

So what's expected? A new user interface, graphical overhauls, and a variety of social media aspects will tie together Gran Turismo 6 into one large racing sim package. If you're a fan of racing simulators, nothing is better then Sony's long standing franchise. It is also interesting to note that the tracks from the previous game will also be included in this new addition, as well as a new GPS system that will heavily influence creating tracks.

Gran Turismo 6 is expected to launch this holiday season for Playstation 3.


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