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Gran Turismo Gets Super Sized

Polyphony Digital and Sony are making the right moves with Gran Turismo 5. The new Spec 2.0 is soon going to be available as a full retail game as soon as January 17th.  Named the Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition and priced at just $39.99, it comes complete with the original version of GT5 plus the update to Spec 2.0 on the disc.  It also comes bundled with a $20.00 voucher that can be used to buy the DLC packs that have recently come out.  The XL Edition will also come with a reversible sleeve for the case that features the Red Bull X2011 Prototype designed by Adrian Newey, the Technical Director of Red Bull Racing F1.  The X2011 is an evolution of the X2010Vettel that was designed for the original version of GT5. 

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


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