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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes to PSN Tomorrow

Want to revisit Los Santos before Grand Theft Auto V rocks your world next year? Well you are in luck as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes to the Playstation Network for the first time tomorrow (December 11th) as a PS2 Classic. Hurray!

Fans have clamored for this for a while now and the timing of this announcement with GTA V hype reaching its peak with please many fans. The game has been available on Xbox Live for a while as an Xbox original so it's only fair you can play it on Sony's newest console at last. The game isn't an updated HD version that fans have been crying out for, but when you get another chance to play the best game ever made, why would you turn that down. Yeah, I said best game ever, deal with it. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best selling PS2 game of all time. GTA V revisits one of the cities in San Andreas, Los Santos, and promises to break further records when it is released in Spring 2013. Here is the theme music from the game. I’m going to go play it now…


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