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Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Reveal This Month

Want to know the image which will be plastered everywhere in the coming months? Well you are in luck as Grand Theft Auto V’s official box art is set to be revealed by Rockstar Games this month. Exciting stuff.

Yet again, only Rockstar could tease something as small as a box art reveal and get people talking about their game once again. Maybe more publishers should try a less is more approach to marketing their games but it probably would not work if its not GTA which is being teased.

So what can we expect from the box art? Let’s take a look at previous entries and see what we can find out:

Well, judging by these pictures I predict GTA V’s box art will features lots of cartoon pictures in little boxes. Many will be faces and it will feature a helicopter in the top left corner. Scintillating stuff. If you would like some real analysis check out our GTA V trailer analysis here and also why not revisit Vice City in our retrospective here.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released this Spring for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. For all the latest news keep checking Entertainment Fuse in the coming weeks.


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