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Grand Theft Auto V Live Action Commercial Spotted + Viral Marketing Continues

After the box art reveal there is yet more Grand Theft Auto V information slowly being released. A fan has spotted what seems to be a live action commercial being shot to promote the upcoming game. Filmed in Mexico City, the photos taken appear to sure the result of a car chase with many cars crashed into lamp posts and other destruction being caused. Check out some of the on set photos below.

As you can see the GTA V logo can be seen in the background on a few of the photos that tease the game’s upcoming release. But that’s not the only GTA related news today. Rockstar have also released a new viral video related to The Epsilon Program, Grand Theft Auto’s comedic take on the Scientology religion that first appeared in San Andreas.

The video contains the usual Rockstar humor whilst also showing what seems to be some locations and even a new character from GTA V. More information on the video will be available next week. We will keep you updated on everything Grand Theft Auto as the biggest release of the year gets closer.


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