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Grand Theft Auto V Wii U Bound?

Many have wondered why 2013’s biggest release, Grand Theft Auto V, is not being released for Wii U as Rockstar have decided to stick to the current hardware of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 only. It seems slightly strange to not opt to release on the first ‘next generation’ console which in theory could show off the game the best. Well that may not last forever. When Dan Houser, Rockstar Games’ Vice President was asked about potential Wii U and PC releases for GTA V he said “Everything else is up for consideration”. Not surprisingly vague from a company that plays its cards extremely close to its chest.

He went on to say “The main thing is we are not... we are a third-party publisher. We're not Nintendo, we're not Sony, and we’re not Microsoft. We love all of them in different ways. But we can do what we want wherever there's the appropriate business opportunity and chance to find a market.” So what does this mean? Basically if the Wii U is such a success that Rockstar can make a big profit we could see the game ported in the future, but I still see that as highly unlikely.

The install base of both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is so high at this point 7 years after release that Rockstar can reach a much wider release than they ever will with a brand new console. Plus having to incorporate Wii U game pad compatibility would take more money and hours of production when they will probably be working on DLC. A PC release is pretty much guaranteed at this point and is usually released about 6 months after its consoles counterpart. So to clarify, a Wii U release COULD happen in the future, but if you ask me, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Grand Theft Auto V will be released in Spring 2013 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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