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Grandville Mon Amour Nominated for 2011 Hugo Award

Until today I didn't know that this book exsisted, but now that I do I have to say it looks very interesting. Check out what Dark Horse had to say:

The 2011 Hugo nominees have been announced, and our own Grandville Mon Amour is up for Best Graphic Story! Initiated in 1953, the Hugo is presented each year by the World Science Fiction Society for achievements in science fiction and fantasy storytelling. The Best Graphic Story category was first included in 2009. Previous nominees include Fables, Serenity, Y: The Last Man, Batman, and more.

In Grandville Mon Amour, convicted psychotic killer Edward "Mad Dog" Mastock escapes the guillotine's blade in the Tower of London to once again terrorize the Socialist Republic of Britain. Dogging Mastock's bloody footsteps is his longtime adversary and nemesis, Detective Inspector Archie LeBrock, who is intent on bringing Mastock's horrific murder spree to an end. LeBrock follows the trail of carnage to Paris, otherwise known as Grandville, the largest city in a world dominated by the French Empire and the prime target of Mastock's terrorism. Set three weeks after the finale of Grandville—Bryan Talbot's critically acclaimed steampunk graphic novel—Grandville Mon Amour explores an alternate art nouveau world populated by intelligent animals, a human underclass, robot automatons, and advanced steam technology that powers everything from hansom cabs to iron flying machines.

Congratulations to writer and artist Bryan Talbot, editor Chris Warner, and the entire Dark Horse team responsible for bringing this amazing work of art to life! Don't forget to pick up Grandville and Grandville Mon Amour at your local comic shop or bookstore, or your favorite online retailer.

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