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Graphic.ly Goes Android

Hey Android users! You finally have an app for comic books! No more of those one off issues that count as an app themselves. Graphic.ly announced today that they're on the Android market place and not that they said, but before Comixology got out of their beta app stage. The deal is that anything you buy on the Android you can read anywhere else. Meaning you can read it on your PC or on your phone or in the Chrome app as well. Which is better than the crappy Marvel app that only allows you to read the books you bough on Chrome... on Chrome. This is also the first and currenlty only app to have Marvel books on the Android market place so if you need your Marvel fix you can do so now. Personally I alreay have Graphic.ly on my Windows Phone 7 so I don't particularly care, but it's good to spread the word.

Graphic.ly on Android
Finally here's a list of new books that they added last week to give you some idea of what they have on their store. Enjoy!

Harlem Shadow215ink
31 #1

5th Dimension
1st Man #1

Betty #186-188, 190
Archie and Friends All-Stars #2-3
Veronica #200-203
Archie #595

BOOM! Studios
Zombie Tales: The Dead #1-2
Cthulhu Tales #7-9
Cthulhu Tales: One Shot #2
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dust to Dust #8
Farscape #15

DreamSpin Entertainment
The Harlem Shadow #1

The Boy Who Made SilenceMarkosia
Baby Boomers #1-2
Beowulf GN
Breathe #3
Dark Mists #3
Eleventh Hour V1 Part 1-2
Freeman #1
Indifference Engine #2
Midnight Kiss #3-4
Project Eon #1-3
Raising Amy #2
Smoke and Mirror #1-2
The Boy Who Made Silence #1-3
Fractures GN
Freeman #2
Harker #3
Hero 9 to 5 #1
The Dark #3
The Lexian Chronicles #03
Turkey Grove Farms #1

Red Stylo Media
Azteca #2

Tracker 4Saint James Comics
Ex Occultus: Wakefield’s Journal - She Lives Still Rules #1

Shatterday Comics
The Everlasting Return of mR. mILDEW #1

Top Cow
Angelus #2-6
Broken Trinity #1-2
CyberForce #1-6
Tracker #4-5 (Check out our review of the first Trade)


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