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Graphic.ly Tuesday – 3/1 Edition

I don't know what web browser you use, but switch to Chrome. Seriously stop reading this article and download Chrome because it's the best browser out there. Now that my sales pitch is over I'll explain why you need Chrome... Digital Comics. Okay so you're not switching fine, but pull out your cell phone and if you have one that's worth a damn go into the app store and download Graphic.ly. Listen whatever comic app you use I don't care, but this article is called Graphic.ly Tuesday where we bring you all of last week's releases of digitalized comics. There's no sponsorship, there's no favoritism its basically that their better organized than other platforms. You may see a PSN Comics  Wednesday article if they ever update their blog, but until then let's get Graphic.al! 

Here it begins, I've added my comments ala Buy, Read, Pass style on the side so enjoy!


Black River #1

AAM Markosia

CancertownCancertown #1-2 - This is acutally a very interesting series and I would highly recommend checking it out. Also it's cheaper than on PSN.

Indifference Engine #3

Serpent Wars #3


Archie and Friends #152

Sonic Universe #25

Archie #583, 585-587, 590-591

Jughead #172

Sabrina The Teenage Witch #004-006

BOOM! Studios

Dracula TCOM 6Cthulhu Tales: Tainted #2

Cthulhu Tales: The Rising #2

Ninja Tales #2

Zombie Tales: Death Valley #1-2

What Were They Thinking?! Go West Young Man

What Were They Thinking?! Journal My War

What Were They Thinking?! Monster Mash-Up

Zombie Tales #8-9

Dracula TCOM #6 - I really enjoyed the first four issues of this series so I would start there before jumping to issue six.

Incorruptible #14 - Some people love this book like it's the best thing ever, I just think it's a decent book.

Incorruptible 14Carpe Chaos

Rising Up #1-2


Zero Hunters: Dravald #1-2

Funny Bone Comics Inc

Oinky Piggy V1

Goodbum Studios

Hard-Bullied Comics #6-8

Hard-Bullied Comics V2: Dead Zep

Infinity Press

Paradoxia 1 CoverParadoxia #1


Amazing Spider-Man #017

Casanova: Luxuria 1-2

Criminal V3 #1-5 - If you haven't read this series you need to, buy it!

Enders Game: Battle School #1-5

Incognito: Bad Influences #3 - Wow this is fairly new. I also recommend this book, but start at the beginning.

Journey into Mystery #88

Logan coverLogan #1-3 - Like Y the Last Man? This is the same writer and probably one of his best Marvel mini's, check it out!

Marvels #5-9

New X-Men #117 - Well this is smack dab in the middle of Grant Morrison's run so yeah you need to check it out.

Powers V2 #1-4 - This isn't Powers at its best, but it was still very good so I would get it.

The Invaders #7

X23 #2 - If this is the first series get it!

X-23: Target #2 - Worth a read, but not a purchase. Art is pretty.

Ender’s Game: Command School #1-5

Dark Tower - Gunslinger Born 1The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1-2 - This is a no brainer, if you haven't read it pick it up.

The Stand: American Nightmares #1-4

Venom: Dark Origin #5 - This series was surprsingly good. It tweeked Eddie Brock's origin a bit, but if you love Spawn you'll dig the art.

Wolverine #33, 46, 61

Young Avengers #07-12 - Great series that got screwed over when Marvel didn't want to replace the writer and didn't have anyone sit down with him and figure out what his plans for the characters where.

Ultimates #4-6, 8-9 - WIthout issue 7 this seems kind of pointless to buy, but otherwise worth checking out if you haven't read any of the Ultimates.

Uncanny X-Men #5-10

War Machine #1-3

X-Force #2-6 - Pass, nuff said.

Madam Mirage 1Top Cow

Aphrodite IX #0-4

Broken Trinity V1 TPB

Madame Mirage V1 #1-6 - Buy, buy, buy, buy, Kenneth Rocafort and Paul Dini now you know why I said buy!

Rising Stars: Untouchable #1-5 - Good, but not great. If you haven't read the Rising Star series this mini might give you a taste of what to expect without investing a lot in the main series.

The Darkness #75-76, 85-86 - I can speak for 85 when I say it's worth chceking out!

Witchblade #93-94  - I would pass honestly.


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