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Gratuitous Yet Serious Sales This Weekend

Got no life?  No friends, no love, no money?  Just five dollars left before your Visa card is maxed out?  Well that’s all you’ll need for a whole weekend of entertainment with this week’s crop of weekend sales.

It’s time to get serious.  Serious Sam, that is.  Steam is selling the Gold Edition of Serious Sam which includes the HD versions of First Encounter and Second Encounter, along with the low-res versions of the game from 2001.  And it’s all going for just five dollars.

 Impulsedriven.com has a swarm of Impulse Buys for the weekend, but the best of the lot is their 50% off sale on Gratuitous Space Battles, with the Complete pack costing a mere $12.50.  The Complete Pack doesn’t include the new expansion The Nomads, but you can buy any of the expansions for $2.99.

Direct2Drive.com is also selling Gratuitous Space Battles as part of its Sixth Anniversary sale, for six dollars.  There’s eight other games on sale at that price this week, including Sword of The Stars, and Red Faction Guerilla.  Direct2Drive also has a different Deal of the Day all month.  Today it’s a pair of Command and Conquer GamesGamersGate.com has a 75% off deal on everything from The Games Company, so if you simply must own a copy of Biology Battle, you can pick it up now for two fifty.

Finally, Games For Windows Live is selling Borderlands for just $7.49, a spectacular deal on this post-apocalyptic shooter RPG.


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