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Great Horror Game Downloads

Horror Game downloads
  1. The new Resident Evil download is available on 360 and PS3. Desperate Escape follows Jill Valentine as she escapes from the mansion and comes full circle where she reunites with Chris and Shiva to take down Wesker. This game like the last one is about an hour and can be very frustrating and nail-biting. The ending is one of those great u have 10 mins to survive a onslought of foes.  This one differs from the other in the way that its back to more action based like RE4 and 5. Where as Lost in Nightmares was more puzzle solving like very RE game before 4. It’s definetly worth downloading and checking out.
  2. Next you have Zombie’s Ate my Neighbors. This classic game form the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis days is one of the best platformers from the 16 bit era. It’s loads of fun and one of the few original horror games of the early 90s. This is one zombie game that will take u hours to beat and you can play with a friend just like the RE game. IF you have a Wii its definitely worth the download.        


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