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Green Gets Company as Red Lanterns Get Their Own Monthly Title

After being hinted about, Geoff Johns and DC live up to their promise of a second Lantern Corps ongoing title. Who better than the fan favorite Red Lanterns to get their own monthly title. The war of the rings may be over, but the war of the sales has just begun! It's being written by Peter Milligan, which I find to be an interesting choice. Will this be another X-Force mega-hit or a Human Target sleeper/critical hit? Check out all the juicy details that DC had to offer, which is way better than Green Lantern movie images released today... way better.

Over his six years on the book, Geoff Johns has brought so many cool new elements to the Green Lantern mythos, one of my (and I’m sure many other fans’ favorites) being the other colors of Lantern Corps — from the Sinestro Corps War, to Rage of the Red Lanterns, Blackest Night and Brightest Day and everything in between, the introduction of the new Corps in the Green Lantern books have made for one heck of an epic story.

Red Lantern IconThat said, we’re excited to announce that one of those Corps is getting their own book: RED LANTERNS, launching as an ongoing comic book series written by Peter Milligan in 2011.

Here’s Peter Milligan’s impetus for the new series:

“Everybody who has read Green Lantern and its associated books for any time
probably knows why Atrocitus is angry. His entire race was almost wiped out
by marauding Manhunters.

“But after Geoff Johns asked if I was interested in writing The Red Lantern
Corps I started thinking about Atrocitus and his anger. Because it’s not
just anger. It is RAGE. A crimson red rage that still consumes him after all
this time. And when you think about it, the Manhunter massacre happened an
awful long time ago. Eons ago. Okay, you’d never get over something like
that. But Atrocitus’ rageŠit hasn’t weakened. It is just as immense and
awesome as it was all those centuries ago. I wanted to know why. I wanted
to know how.

“In the first storyline of THE RED LANTERN CORPS we look for an answer to
these questions. And the answer lies in part on the far side of the prison
planet Ysmault. It is here where we’ll see why and how the rage of Atrocitus
is just as all-consuming as it ever was. We’ll also begin to learn what goes
on in the boiling brains of his napalm-blooded corps. Can the proud Bleeze
remain a loyal servant? How does the angry cat DEXTAR try to feed its
beloved master? And what horrors lie at the bed of the ocean of blood?”

-Peter Milligan

Also for you Black Ops fans you can make the Red Lantern logo for you're player card... if you're cool enough... which you're not so never mind.


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