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Green Lantern #9 Review

Green Lantern is one of my favorite series from the New 52. Geoff Johns did a great job with the series before the New 52 and I am glad that he is continuing the series right where it left off. 

The art for the cover was great. It is the same art that is inside the issue. So, it shows what type of art to expect. But I did have one big problem with this cover. It was very misleading. It shows the Black Hand attacking Sinestro and Hal, but the Black Hand was hardly in this issue. The people who wanted to see the Black Hand are going to be very disappointed.

In this issue, Sinestro is brainwashed by the Indigo Tribe to feel compassion. Hal tries to reverse the effect by finding the Indigo Tribe lantern and tries destroying it. As Hal tries to find the lantern he ends up finding a man named Natromo who tells him the origins of the Indigo Tribe.

We find out a lot out about the Indigo Tribe in this issue more than in any other Green Lantern issue. Before this story arc little was known about the tribe and I was never really interested in the Indigo Tribe. I wasn’t really excited for this story arc either. But after reading this issue I am very interested in the tribe and very excited for the upcoming issues in this story arc. So, even if you are not a big fan of the Indigo Tribe I still recommend you read this issue. You learn so much more about the tribe that may make you interested in them and the story.

If you are an Abin Sir fan than you may really enjoy this issue because we find out why Abin Sur is connected to the Indigo Tribe. Abin Sur made the Indigo Tribe because he wanted to change his enemies into compassionate people. So, every single person in the Indigo Tribe were evil, which is very ironic since their tribe stands for compassion. But the Indigo Tribe was only a test. The real reason that Abin Sur created the Indigo Tribe was to defeat the Guardians of the Universe. This is one more clue out of many recent Green Lantern issues that show that there will be a big battle between the Green Lanterns and the Guardians.

Even though there were a lot of great things in this issue my favorite part was finding out that Sinestro has compassion. Sinestro can sometimes be very coldhearted and it is very rare to see him have any compassion. For Sinestro to become brainwashed the Indigo Tribe had to find his compassion. We find out that Sinestro had compassion for his love Arin Sur, but when Arin Sur died that is when Sinestro started to become a coldhearted person.  

The art for this issue, like every Green Lantern issue, was great. This series works very well with the colors. It is very bright and it fits the series. The best way to see all of the colors come together is in the fight scenes.

I recommend everyone pick up this issue. Even if you are not an Indigo Tribe fan you may still enjoy this issue because we learn so much about the Indigo Tribe that you may change your opinion about them. 



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