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Green Lantern Affinity – Hector Hammond

With a big head only a mother could love, Hector Hammond was a genius that used a meteorite to gain powers with some unsettling side effects, including making major trouble for Green Lantern.  Hammond was created back in 1961 by John Broome and Gil Kane and first appeared in Green Lantern #5.   In his original origin story, Hector began as a common criminal until he found a meteorite and discovered it had caused some nearby plants to experience 100,000 years worth of evolution in moments. Intrigued, Hector brought the meteorite back to his hideout with him and kidnapped four scientists to use as test subjects. He used the meteorite to make the scientists evolve and create amazing inventions that Hector took credit for, making him into an instant celebrity. He also captured the eye of Carol Ferris, the Green Lantern’s love interest.  This led to Hector’s first meeting with Green Lantern, who restored the four scientists to normal and captured Hector.  Later Hector decided to use the meteorite on himself.  Hector Hammond and Green LanternDespite having the powers of the meteorite, Hector was easily beaten early in his super-powered career by Green Lantern.  In retaliation Hector decided to use the meteorite on himself again in the hope that it would increase his powers.  The meteorite did make Hector stronger, but put his body into a catatonic state rendering it useless. Hector had to rely on his mind to get around, having the ability of telekinesis at his disposal.  He was able to read peoples’ minds and discovered the Green Lantern’s true identity was Hal Jordan. He could not even speak until he was experimented on by gremlins from the same planet as the meteorite. After the experiment Hector regained his voice.  Even with his immobile body, Hector gained another invaluable ability: immortality. Hector frequently fought Green Lantern using his telekinetic abilities in an attempt to steal his power ring and use it to regain his mobility.  Recently during the War of Light Hector swallowed Larfleeze’s Power Battery and was possessed by Ophidian, the entity of greed, and had his powers increase. Hector Hammond will be in the upcoming Green Lantern movie.  He will be played by Peter Sarsgaard (Orphan).  The movie announced Hammond will be a scientist, meaning it will probably follow Hammond’s second origin story that was created in the Green Lantern: Secret Origins story line.  In the story Hammond began as not a petty crook but a science consultant for Ferris Air, the aviation corporation where the Green Lantern/Hal Jordan worked.  He was the lead scientist that investigated Abin Sur’s crashed space ship.  Hector exposed to the meteor rock core of Abin Sur’s crashed ship and gained the powers of telepathy and telekinesis and his brain slowly grew in size causing his head to slowly enlarge.  Even before becoming super-powered Hector wasn’t “Mr. Smooth” – he often claimed he was Carol Ferris’ boyfriend despite their only going on one business lunch.  Hector Hammond to be played by Peter Sarsgaard from the Orphan. This origin story seems to be a much better one to use for the movie. Having just some random criminal find a meteor rock would feel disconnected from the rest of the Green Lantern movie, but by having Hector work at the same place as Hal he will be able to get his powers at relatively the same time and will be an interesting match up for the new Green Lantern. My only question is this: How big is Hector’s noggin’ going to get by the end of the film?   


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