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Green Lantern Annual #1 Review

This was probably the most anticipated annual that came out this week from DC Comics because a lot of big things were supposed to happen. This issue is suppose to change the Green Lantern series forever. So, I was pretty excited for this issue. It was on top of my pile to read this week.

The cover for this issue has to be my favorite of the week. I love how simple it is, but at the same time the art is still amazing. We get to see the Green Lantern symbol dripping with paint, which I thought was awesome.

In this issue, the Guardians realize that they have to make a new army to defeat the Green Lantern Corp. So, they are on the hunt for the first lantern to start building their third army. But they also recruit Black Hand as part of their plan to defeat Hal and Sinestro.

As I said in the beginning of this review I was really excited for this issue, because there was supposed to be a lot of changes to the series with this issue. This issue did not disappoint. There are a lot of things that happen that will change the Green Lantern world forever. This is only the beginning of the Third Army story arc. We learn exactly how far the Guardians are willing to go to make the world what they think is perfect.

The fait of Sinestro and Hal is finally revealed, which is probably the most important thing that happens. What happens to their characters will change the direction of their stories, and will definitely affect other people in the DC universe.

My only disappointment with this issue was that DC already revealed Hal and Sinestro were not going to be in the upcoming Green Lantern issues. So, we knew something big was going to happen to them in this issue. This made us less surprised of what happened to them.

I also wish that we had the chance to see the new Green Lantern. But it seems like his whole story will be revealed in Green Lantern issue 0 because he was not even mentioned in this issue.

The art for this issue was, as always, amazing. I love the different colors they use for Green Lantern.  They always use the different colors of the different corps perfectly. It makes each page bright and exciting.

If you have been reading Green Lantern you will really enjoy this issue. But if you haven’t been reading this series than this is not a good jumping on point. This story has been developing since War of Green Lantern. So, if you haven’t been reading the series since than you may be a little confused especially with the Guardians. This was a great issue for Green Lantern fans, and a must read. 



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