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Greg Yaitanes talks Banshee

Banshee the warrior class

Banshee showrunner and executive producer, Greg Yaitanes, answered a bunch of fan questions in a recent interview for SpoilerTV (check it out in its entirety here) and in it offers great insight on the series from background on Banshee’s distinct style to the writing process to plans for upcoming seasons. Yaitanes discloses some interesting behind the scenes developments, like how the mayor’s role in the series shifted considerably from the initial idea and how some of the more stylistic flourishes are incorporated as well as where we can learn about the characters’ backstories.

He also discusses plans for the series’ future, which he and Jonathan Topper (series co-creator) would like to be explored in five seasons, and for the already announced third season. Season two of Banshee is already nearing its end, with only four episodes to go in the ten-episode season, the stories and characters are intensifying and building up for an ambitious finale, which Yaitanes describes as, “…a full 60 minutes and it's the best thing I have ever directed. It gives the Banshee fan’s everything they ever dreamed of!” Though he offers no concrete spoilers and/or storyline previews, he certainly knows how to tease for what is coming next, even if we don’t really know what he is talking about. Yaitanes is currently focusing on the third season; production on the Sophmore season has been wrapped since September and previews that, “The way we plan to end season 3, no one will predict. It will be the best end to a season ever. When Tropper pitched it, I got chills. Sadly you have to wait until 2015 to experience that yourself.” Can’t wait, till then we can at least enjoy what is left of the second season, which has been delivering great episodes in an impressively consistent pace.


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