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Grimm Fairy Tales # 57 – Review

In Grimm Fairy Tales # 57 Sela and her companions are in a race to not only try to save their friend Erik, but they are also in race against Orcus and Gruel to try and save Tallus the location of where the high priestess is located.  It is important for Sela and her friend to get to Tallus before Orcus because the Priestess is the only person that could save Erik from his state of Limbo, but they also need to warn her of the imminent danger that the city will face.

This issue of Grim Fairy tales is basically a lot of development of the story and it is also a background story for one of the main villains of the series.  Through the main characters travel, it explains that Orcus is leaving a trail of destruction and this path is heading straight towards the heroes destination. The dialogue and the characters are not great.  There are a lot of modern terms and words that the main character is using that really doesn’t match with the time of era that the characters are in.  This dialogue really took me out of the time that this book was supposed to be in and her dialogue in a lot of points were a bit dry almost as if she didn’t really care what happens to the world that Blake is trying to save.

I actually enjoyed a little bit more the story of Gruel and how he became to be the evil wizard that he is today. It gave a lot more depth to the character and you get his origin.  I did not like that the story was chopped into two parts right in between the main story of the book. It took me out of the mood of Gruel’s story by sending me back to Sela and her crew. The dialogue on Gruel parts were a little better, it felt appropriate to the time that the story was taking place and it read like a fairy tale.

The art of the book was decent in the beginning but you can tell that some of the panels felt rushed by the artist especially toward the middle and the end of this book that was were most of the rushed art could be seen; which is a shame because in the middle of the story I was a bit more interested than at the first part of the story.

Overall I would say read this book at your own risk, the dialogue was weak, the story felt a bit like Lord of the Rings only not as exciting and the art was inconsistent. For newer reader it isn’t really a good jumping on point.

Overall Score - 4.5/10



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