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GTA V Gets Yet More Screenshots

It's been a busy week for Rockstar as we've been treated to a whole host of of GTA V screens to marvel over. We've seen tennis, dirt-biking, paragliding, and riding a bicycle along the beach. To finish the week off, why not have a few more? Rockstar has released four more screenshots, which raise a pair of pondering eyebrows. First, we can see a sniper trying to shoot a car from a helicopter, then there's a man aiming at a chopper, as well as a beautiful image of a plane flying through the environment.

But the screenshot that brings the most questions is the one with the man clinging onto the side of a truck. Is that going to be playable? In the past we've seen AI cling onto a car door if they've been kicked out of the car they were driving, rubbing their face on the road for miles before finally giving in, but that's never been something playable. Imagine driving along in the open-world in your kickass new vehicle, only to have someone come along and hijack you. Sounds neat. Hopefully Rockstar has more GTA V screenshots to release before the game comes out, because we're loving it.


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