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Guardian Heroes on Xbox Live this October

There has been, in certain quarters of the gaming world, a frenetic buzz around the announcement that classic action-RPG-brawler Guardian Heroes would be released with shiny, updated HD graphics on Xbox Live Arcade since the story was announced back in May.  The hype is surely due to intensify with the news today that the game will be released on October 12th, for a mere 800 Microsoft points.

Guardian Heroes garnered a strong following for its branching storylines; players can choose from one of five distinct characters and experience more than half a dozen possible endings based on their actions in the game.  This was enhanced by the addition of a Karma meter (which changed depending on whether the player killed civilians or showed mercy to enemies).  With fully-remastered HD graphics (in a similar vein to the facelift that was given to Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD when that was released on Xbox Live Arcade) and added online co-op for up to 12 players, it seems as though this re-release will retain everything that made the original game great and add some extra polish to win modern gamers over.


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