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Guarding The Globe #4 – Advanced Review

So Marvel has The Avengers and all its different forms. DC has the Justice League and now Image have their own answer for guarding the earth against large threats, they are the Guardians of the Globe. A team consisting of members from all around...well the globe. It opens with a ceremony announcing that more members are joining the Guardians of the Globe and they are: Cast Iron, Kaboomerang, Outrun, El Chupacabra, Yeti, Le Bruiser (a dog), Pegasus, Kid Thor, Japandroid, Knockout and Best Tiger.

Not long after the announcement of the new members, the entirety of earth goes into turmoil. Major cities around the world are simultaneously under attack and Cecil (the head of the Guardians) is quick to deduce that the whole stint is a coordinated job. Forces are stretched thin even with the increased member numbers. During a fight with a new War Woman, El Chupacabra puts members of the team in danger with his drunken actions.

Guarding The Globe #4 CoverThis series was created by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker. The writers of this issue are Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and Benito Cereno (The Tick: New Series). The writing is action based with layers of drama. This is very similar to Kirkman's style of writing with Invincible, the style that he pretty much has down pat for his hero stories. As for Cereno, the writing is different to his work on The Tick yet similar to his “Invincible Presents” titles. All in all the book fits in with the Invincible Universe that Kirkman has created.

An issue with the writing in this fourth chapter of the sereis, would be the pacing. This is because of it being an action orientated issue, but it has drama amongst the action. The changes feel to abrupt between and the reader may struggle actually taking in the dramatic moments and not feel much for what some of the characters are going through. This is a problem somebody like Robert Kirkman is normally able to avoid, but in this instance both writers fall short.

Ransom Getty is the penciler for this comic and it is his skill that I am impressed with. He was consistent throughout, just like with the previous three issues. As a new talent, he is definitely one that should be followed. His work can be described like a caricature but with a bit more detail on top of that again. Thomas Mason worked on colours (Dethklok). His work with colours and bringing out the features in each character is very well done. His work on lighting is also worthy of note. Russell Jackson did a good job on inks.

I believe people who are fans of super team comics, Invincible's supporting characters (and want to see more of them) or work from Robert Kirkman should definitely pick up this issue. If you have not yet started collecting this series and you fit into one of the categories previously mentioned then you guys should get this too! Overall I am impressed but if this series wishes to stand out and be at its full possible potential then it needs to work on its pacing and fluidity.

Overall Score - 7.7/10




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