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Guild Wars 2: Queen’s Jubilee Update

The Queen's jubilee marks the ten year anniversary of Divinity Reach and the Guild Wars II team have planned events and rewards to its vast player base on August the 6th.

Those events, rewards and updates include: Hot air balloons! Okay, ArenaNet, now you have my attention. The balloons will supposedly transport players from the open world to the human city of Divinity’s Reach. Hopefully it’s a scenic approach – else the existence of waypoints will render the trip a bit pointless. Also being added are a beacon lighting race and a “Gauntlet” arena, pitting players against increasingly difficult bosses.

Perhaps more notable for this update are the fixes and improvements. Wallets are expanding to fit all types of currency – from Badges of Hono(u)r to dungeon tokens – which should save precious inventory/bank space. Dungeons will give bonus money for running explorable paths each day. Also, a PvP solo queue will ensure you don’t clash against an existing party, and Champion loot drops will provide a chance for rare crafting materials from the game’s tougher open world enemies.


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