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Gunner Wright Wants to Play Isaac Clark in Dead Space Movie

Gunner Wright, the voice of Isaac Clark in Dead Space 2 is interested in playing Mr. Clark once again. This time in a Dead Space film. Gunner has said that he is ready right now. In an interview with helldescent Wright says, “I feel like we already shot a film, one that you can play. As for DS2 live action, I already have the plasma cutter so lets roll camera…give the heart wrenching romantic tear jerker to someone else.”

This would be the very first time that a voice actor would star in a live action adaptation of a video game. When you have an actor who is already so engrossed in character it seems to be a poor choice to pick anyone else. Don't buy tickets just yet, as there are no official plans for a motion picture right now. EA is receptive to the idea as long as it is faithful to the source material, and Gunner as Isaac is as faithful as it could get.


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