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Guns Are Bad, But Tattoos Are OK On Xbox Avatars

Xbox Live won't let your avatar have a gun, but as of today you can get your virtual self inked with your choice of twenty three different tattoos.  One can only hope that nipple rings and tongue-studs hit the market in the near future as well.  

The tattoos are "Tribal" patterns, Asian Kanji, generic cliche symbols like "Mom" in a heart, and girly designs such as flowers and stars.  They only appear on character arms, so there's no way to get an ankle tattoo to go with those new capri pants you just bought for your Avie.  When worn, the avatar will don a black or white tank top.   So far there aren't any game logos, or tats that recreate tattoos seen on game characters.  

They run from two dollars up to three or 160-240 Microsoft Points.  You can see the selection here.


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