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Guy Ritchie rumored for Clooney-headed “Cannonball Run” remake

Though Guy Ritchie is still working on Sherlock Holmes 2, it seems that he many have an another project in waiting: a remake of Cannonball Run that reportedly wants George Clooney for the lead role.

The original comedy caper was an American/Hong Kong co-production. It starred Burt Reynolds and featured the likes of Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Jackie Chan, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr as they compete in a coast-to-coast car race. It made $72 million in 1981 and had a sequel.

Badassdigest.com, who reported the story, believes that this is a very early rumor and there were contradictory messages from the agency source and Guy Ritchie‘s representatives. The remake has been in development since 2009.

Ritchie has certainly erased Swept Away and Revolver from our collective memories and he showed he is a very stylish director with a great eye for action and comedy. But whether a remake a Cannonball Run would be the right mainstream movie follow-up to the “Sherlock Holmes” series is really up for debate.


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