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Guy Ritchie Wanted to Direct ‘Sgt. Rock’

Since the cinematic nightmare that was Revolver, Guy Ritchie has really picked himself up. Coinciding with the release of the trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Twitchfilm reports his next project with Warner Bros. could be an adaptation of the comic Sgt. Rock.

Sgt. Rock is a DC Comic series that started in 1959 about an American solider during World War II who is an amazing marksmen with a sub-machine gun and has near super-human strength.

Ritchie was originally linked to the project back in 2008 but instead choose to direct Sherlock Holmes, which made nearly $525 million worldwide. I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence replaced him and planned to turn it into a post-apocalyptical film. But he left to make Water for Elephants. Now Ritchie seems to be back.

Ritchie has also been linked to adapting William Ellis’ Excalibur, but it seems that Sgt. Rock is the more likely project. With period-based action movies on the rise with films such as X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger, it's not surprising to see a move to fast-track this project.

DC Comics has been lagging behind Marvel in recent years when it comes to adapting their lesser known characters. Last year’s Jonah Hex was a critical and commercial bomb. But Warner Bros. is planning to make adaptations of its DC properties, including Lobo, to which Ritchie was once linked.

Warner Bros. mega producer Joel Silver is set to be produce. He is the man behind hits like the Lethal Weapon series and The Matrix Trilogy, and also produced Ritchie last two films RocknRolla and Sherlock Holmes. Lets just watch this space. 



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