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Haden Blackman Resigns from Lucas Arts

Haden Blackman, Executive Producer and Lead Writer on The Force Unleashed games, has resigned from his position at LucasArts. Blackman has worked at LucasArts for thirteen years, and, as well as both Force Unleashed games, has also contributed to Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars Force Commander.

In a statement, Blackman said; "While the decision to leave LucasArts did not happen overnight or come easily, I really feel that now is the best time for me to move on and explore new creative challenges and I look forward to the next phase of my career."

In previous interviews, Blackman has always appeared very attached to The Force Unleashed projects, even revealing that the recurring issues of fatherhood and adoption are inspired by his personal life.

With the release of The Force Unleashed 2 only a few months away, Blackman's departure is troubling, bringing with it implications of creative differences, or simply a bad game. Cynicism aside, LucasArts have iterated that Blackman's departure will not affect the game's development, which is on track for an October 26th release in the US and October 29th in the UK across multiple platforms.


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