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Half Minute Hero Sequel Set for Japan

Half Minute Hero is one of my favorite titles for the PSP, with its common universe synonymous with an RPG, but very unique gameplay.  For anyone who doesn’t know what the first game was about, I’ll give you a very basic rundown, you have 30 seconds to complete certain objectives with some RPG elements thrown in.  A simple idea but it works really well and you just have to see it to understand why.

So, I was pleased to hear that they are making a sequel, but sadly they have only talked about it coming out in Japan. The original game not only had RPG elements, but also those of an RTS and a dual stick shooter. This newest installment will focus on just the RPG element, which to me was probably the best of the three different gameplay ideas they had. It will have different sdifferent scenarios called: overture, judgment, revolution, ragnarok and destiny.cenarios called: overture, judgment, revolution, ragnarok and destiny.  

There will also be some changes in the gameplay as well, involving the time will stopping at specific events instead of just stopping at the towns. They also are adding an editing mode where you can create your own level and post it online.

With people trying to beat each level as fast as they can, an editing mode, and around 90 quests spread over the course of the entire game you will have a lot to do in this sequel.  It will be released in Japan November 4 and as for the US, we’ll have to wait and see.


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