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Halloween comes to Team Fortress 2

This year's Team Fortress 2 Halloween special is filled with a few special tricks and treats for players to discover. Looking at the latest blog post you can get the general idea of whats going to be going down this Halloween.

Much like last year there'll be a new map, Mann Manor, which will feature a Haunted Halloween Gift box which will randomly drop around the map for players to pick up. However, the map also features the Horseless Headless Horsemann. Basically it's exactly what it says on the tin, a Horseless Headless Horsemann who'll run around trying to kill players with his giant axe. Manage to kill him though and you'll net yourself a tastey achievement for your trouble.
Along with the added map and gift box there'll be 4 new achievements for you to collect as well as the opportunity to grab any that you might have missed from last year's Halloween special. You only have until the 8th of November though, so don't delay!

Oh and there are also 10 new community made items up on the storefront if you're into user created content or just fancy smacking 'SUPAR_NUB123' with a wet fish...


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