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Halloween Eve One-Shot – Review

Halloween Eve was a Halloween themed one-shot lovingly created by writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder Hadley. The project was funded by Kickstarter and the one-shot was picked up by Image Comics. Unfortunately, unless you're a pre-teen, this comic is not for you.

In Halloween Eve it's Halloween, and all through the costume store, not a creature is stirring – except for Eve, the Halloween Scrooge. She's stuck working overtime, but – pardon the rhyme – a devil comes to visit her and sends her to another uni...ver.

OK, forced rhyming aside, Halloween Eve has the storyline equivalent of A Christmas Carol. Eve learns to love Halloween. So not only has the idea been done, it has been done better. Halloween Eve doesn't really add anything new to the mix except that it's Halloween and not Christmas, and even that aspect isn't taken advantage of.

Halloween Eve one-shot panel
This is a one-shot, and the pacing proves it. The story revolves around Eve's character developing into a kinder person and the events that change her life are no where near as compelling as Scrooge's were. She pulls almost a complete 180 when she comes back to the real world, but unlike Scrooge where after an hour-and-a-half we're satisfied and believe he's changed, Eve's transformation seems much more forced for time and moral reasons. But, like Scrooge, Montclare does a good job at making Eve a terrible person making her change all the much more wanted by readers just so Eve will stop verbally abusing her co-workers.

The artwork fits the tone the story sets but disappointingly misses out on making Halloween Eve a unique title. When Eve is transported to a world where it's Halloween everyday, I would expect artist Amy Reeder Hadley to create something like Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas and awe readers with intricate landscapes and characters. Not a land where old video game graphics went to die, which is what we are given. But Hadley wasn't even given a chance to show more of this world, which could have redeemed it, because the pacing forced Eve to stay in one spot the entire time she was in the other universe.

The entire comic has a cartoonish quality about it that pre-teens will like. There are some nice touches though, like how when Eve returns she is wearing a Dorothy costume, an allusion to the Wizard of Oz which shares a similar story structure with a main character traveling to another world. You can tell Reeder had fun with the artwork, and it does fit the moral-filled story created by Montclare.

Halloween Eve one-shot panel 2
You can feel that Montclare and Hadley were trying to create something fun but it turned out to be a one-shot with a limited audience that still has flaws. If you are trying to get a kid into comics, this might be a nice treat for their Halloween basket. It has a valid moral and feels like a Halloween TV special. But everyone else, don't trick or treat with this issue. You'll only get toothpaste – the person who gave it to you meant well and it's good for you, but where's the "treat?"



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