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Halloween Sales- Thursday

Halloween is just three days away and many online stores are getting in the spirit by holding sales on Horrifying games.  Steampowered.com is having not one, but TWO blowout sales right now.  The first is a different Daily Deal on games Published by THQ; today’s deal is a massive 85% off Frontlines, Fuel of War.  That brings the game down to just $2.99.  It’s an underrated FPS with an open-world design, Developed by Kaos Studios.

The other big thing going on at Steam right now is their Halloween Sale, where spooky games are marked down by 50-75%.  This includes a terrific deal on Aliens VS Predator which is $9.99 after the price break.

Direct2Drive.com is having their own Halloween promotion; you can get 15% off Any Horror Game by entering the code “kreepy” at checkout.  This also includes some not-really-horror games like Fallout (Yes, even New Vegas), the various CSI games, and Bioshock.

Even Games For Windows Live is getting in on the Halloween theme with a 75% sale on F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.  That makes it $4.99, which is a great price for any game where your chief adversary is a creepy little girl.

GamersGate.com and ImpuseDriven.com are both holding Halloween sales all week long, with lots of titles on sale.

Expect a few more sites to have new deals over the weekend and check back here for updates romorrow. 


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