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Halloween Sales- Wednesday

All of the online game stores are gearing up for Halloween with new sales every day this week.  Today Direct2Drive.com is holding a sale on the indie Horror series Penumbra.  You can buy the Penumbra Collection for $5.95, which contains all three games in the franchise.  D2D is calling it 75% off the normal $19.95 price, but we’ll forgive their poor math skills because this is such a good price on an unusual set of games. 

Gog.com just put the Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition on their site.  It isn’t on sale, but the $9.99 they’re asking sure is a great deal.  NWN is a classic by Bioware, and its gameplay stills holds up today.  The Diamond Edition contains all three expansion packs Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark and Kingmaker.  This isn’t a Halloween-specific deal, but you do fight all sorts of scary monsters in several of the quests.

GamersGate.com and ImpuseDriven.com are both holding Halloween sales all week long, with lots of titles on sale.  You can grab Resident Evil 5 for just $14.99 at either site, along with many other good deals all week.

Steampowered.com is bucking the Halloween theme by holding THQ Week, putting a different game by that publisher on sale every day this week.  Today it’s Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic shooter set in the Russian subway system.  This is just fine for our Halloween coverage, because nothing is scarier than being stuck on a train with a bunch of mutant commies!


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