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Halloween Weekend Sales

Now that Halloween Weekend is here, all of the major online game stores have unveiled their big scary sales.  New for the weekend is Good Old Games (GoG.com) who have put up a half a dozen scary games which include all three Gabriel Knight games from that classic adventure series.  Also of note are the Phantasmagoria games which were made during the FMV fad of the nineties; that means they use digital footage of human actors, rather than animated characters.  Either franchise is a worthy investment, and you can grab six scary games as a lot for $23.94, or buy any of them at 20% off for $4.79.

Electronic Arts is holding their own Weekend Sale with a handful of games marked down.  Most of them aren’t actually scary, but it is a chance to grab Mass Effect 2 for $9.97, or Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $14.97!  That’s one of the best deals out there at the moment, considering that it was going for forty dollars a few weeks ago.
Today ImpulseDriven.com has added something new to their Halloween Sale, Garters and Ghouls.  This is the PC version of last year’s iphone app.  It’s a “Twin Stick” shooter where you play as a sexy “Not-too-dead” monster gal who fights the undead.  It’s not on sale, but its starting price is just $4.99.

 Steampowered.com is holding a weekend Halloween sale, where you can get a whole bunch of games at up to 75% off. However this is also THQ Week at Steam, and they’ve been selling a different TH game every today.  Today it’s Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War.  Every game, expansion pack, and bundle in the franchise is cut by 50%, or you can get the whole lot in the Complete Pack which has it all for $29.99.

GamersGate.com continues their Halloween Week sale with big discounts on dozens of games, including many small indie games that might be worth grabbing. 

Games for Windows Live is continue their sale on F.E.A.R. 2 for $4.99 until next Thursday.  

Finally, all weekend long you can get 15% off any Horror Game at Direct2Drive.com by entering the code “kreepy” when you checkout.

What scary game did you buy this week?  Tell us below in the comments section.


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