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Halo 4 Covenant Weaponry Trailer

If you ever wanted Halo and dubstep in one trailer, look no further than the Covenant Weaponry trailer released for Halo 4. The trailer shows off the many Covenant weapons at your disposal in both single player and multiplayer aspects of the game.

Some of the weapons might be familiar to fans of the series. The needler is back, as well as the Covenant carbine, which is an upgraded version of the plasma rifle, the gravity hammer and everybody’s favorite, the energy sword. Each weapon has been given an overhaul, updating the look of the weapons as well as the functionality. New weapons include the storm rifle, which is a faster firing, automatic version of the plasma rifle and the concussion rifle, which fires explosive projectiles for close to medium range fighting. Also, the trailer shows off the new announcer in multiplayer, who seems a little bit more enthusiastic that you’re stabbing someone in the back with a sword.

 All of this is leading up to the release of the next installment of the adventures of Master Chief; Halo 4 is set to hit shelves November 6th, and as always, it will be exclusively on the Xbox 360.



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