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Halo 4 Details Likely on February 29

Dying for more Halo 4 details? Fans might not have that much longer to wait, as it appears that Microsoft will be showcasing the game at their Xbox 360 Spring Showcase event on Feb. 29 in San Francisco. A post on Twitter took a screenshot from the Finnish magazine Pelaaja showing Halo 4 to make an appearance at the event. The line reads “Halo 4 and other new products on display."

The Spring Showcase event will take place on Feb. 29 and March 1, and promises “news, announcements and hands-on with some of the biggest experiences coming to Xbox 360 in 2012,” according to the flyer.  Halo 4 is still set for release this year, so more details about it should be appearing any day now. As always, Microsoft and 343 Industries have not commented.


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