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Halo 4 Getting “Forge Island” & Actual True Rank System

God bless 343 Industries even though there are not nearly as many people playing Halo 4 as there should be, it isn't stopping 343 from doing some awesome things with their first Halo outing.

First up, Halo 4's final "already planned" map pack will be released on April 8th for 800 MS Points (or free to Season Pass holders). The Castle Map Pack offers up three new maps for multiplayer.

On April 11th, Halo 4 will be getting a few "Forge Island" map. Forge Island exists as kind of a thank you to the community of Halo 4 fans. The map houses three different flat islands where "anything is possible." The 343 dev team showed off a remake of "Hang Em' High" as kind of a bench mark for just exactly how big this map is. Think of "Forge World" from Halo: Reach, but bigger. 

Finally, and the news I'm most excited about, within the coming weeks, Halo 4 will finally get a true ranking system, similar to the ones found in Halo 2 and Halo 3As a huge fan of Halo 3, this is what I'm most excited about, as having a true rank system was a big part of what kept me coming back for five plus years.

So good things are still coming to Halo 4, folks.


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