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Halo 4 is Almost Finished

The wait for Halo 4 just got considerably closer. In the latest Halo Bulletin, Microsoft reveals that the Halo 4 campaign is completely playable from start to finish. Some levels are almost complete, while others still need some bug testing, the bulletin said, noting that the developers are currently in “super crunch time” as the release date rapidly approaches.

The first wave of Spartan Ops missions are also in a similar state, along with the ten multiplayer maps that will launch with the game.

The bulletin also gave a glimpse into one of the multiplayer maps, Longbow. Continuing the tradition of snow maps in Halo games, Longbow will support vehicles such as the Warthog and Mongoose. The bulletin also teased new unannounced game modes that can be played on the map. The mid-to-long-range map will also sport plenty of opportunities for close-range combat.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the live-action web series that is due this fall, just wrapped up filming in Vancouver, the bulletin said. More information about the series will be announced at Comic-Con this month.

Halo 4 will be released on November 6th


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