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Halo 4 OST Samples are now Online

The release date for Halo 4 is slowly closing in, and 343 Industries certainly seems like they're doing a good job. They're not the only guys putting in the hard work though. Neil Davidge, the composer for the newest installment to the series, has uploaded samples of the soundtrack to his personal soundcloud. While fans of the series may have become familiar with original composer Martin O'donnel's scores, Davidge certainly doesn't disappointment.

The samples from the OST to Halo 4 are certainly the most atmospheric of any Halo piece to date, sounding at times like an AAA blockbuster title. There's certainly an epic feel to the samples he has posted, making fans feel like they're already playing the game themselves. If you'd like to give them a listen, you can find the link to Davidge's soundcloud here. For now, we can be rest assured that Davidge has certainly captured the atmosphere of the Halo universe. 


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