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Halo 4 to Continue the Fight with Free Episodic Content

Although Halo 4 was presented in full during Microsoft's press conference yesterday, 343 Studios held one final surprise until today. The developer has confirmed that a series of two-player Spartan Ops co-op missions will be released as downloadable bonus content. And each one of them will be entirely free.

Set six months after the events of Halo 4, these missions will make up a series of animated episodes that will extend the story of Halo 4. Each episode will consist of five missions and will open and close with 5-7 minute animated segments. 343 Studios plans to release one episode of the first season per week, and they will be available to anyone with a copy of Halo 4 absolutely free. The only criteria for subscribing to the season is that the player unlocks it in-game. 

Demoed during today's event was the final mission in the first episode, which saw a pair of Spartans securing an artifact from some Covenant soldiers, only to be stopped by some new enemies, the Prometheans. No specific release date has been announced for the first season of Spartan Ops, but it can be assumed it will be accessible soon after the game drops on November 6. For now, here's the new gameplay trailer shown earlier today:


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